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This blog is now territory of Tribu Jogo- the games tribe

13 Sep

Tribu Jogo was here the games Tribe

Gamification-civilization, education and infinity

3 Sep

Gamification and civilization:

Gamification of Education:

Finite and infinite games by James Carse:










Gamification of money 101

5 Aug



Edward Castronovo and his extensive reaserch on virtual economies:

Bitcoin: The most popular P2P virtual currency

Dan Robles from The Ingenesist and some Game Theory applied to airlines and the economy







8th Annual Games for Change Summit

5 Jul

Al Gore was the Key note speaker at the The Games for Change Summit in NY where he said: “the gamification trend is really powerful.” The Games for Change Summit is is a conference devoted to the Game Designers that are applying Games to create a better World

Games are one of the most powerful tools humanity has designed. Engagement and spontaneous participation can be achieved through games in the way that no other strategy can.  Social Innovation projects can truly count on games as one of the most efficient ways to design a better reality.